In this issue, we will explore the process of iridium powder recovery. Speaking of iridium powder recovery, we need to start with the source of iridium powder. In industrial production, iridium powder often arises as a by-product, so these iridium powder wastes are usually mixed with various impurities. To refine the iridium, it must go through a rigorous purification process.

Precious Metal Recycling
The first step in purification is to separate the iridium powder from the impurities. We utilize the chemical differences between iridium and other substances, separating them using chemical solvents. After separation, the iridium powder needs to undergo dissolution. We use strong acids to effectively dissolve the iridium powder.

Once dissolution is complete, the next step is the precipitation of iridium. This is facilitated by adding reagents to precipitate iridium from the solution. The precipitates need to be filtered and washed to remove residual impurities and chemical reagents.

The final step is drying and reduction, completing these steps results in the recovery of iridium.